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My students affectionately call me THE Change Agent. Our entire team from management to the ambassadors take your journey serious. Many of us have been in your shoes so we know what is possible and what you are capable of. We want to help you accomplish things you never imagined you could.

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When you win, we all win. There is power in numbers and shared life experiences. Create new friendships, learn from each other, and connect with other financially motivated women.

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To ask you money questions without fear of judgement and receive the support you wont get from reading a book or listening to a podcast. Our community is supported with ambassadors willing to answer your questions and monitor our community for harassment, abuse, and behaviour that goes against our code of conduct.

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"Before finding Tonya, I had attempted to improve my finances without success and felt like I was alone. My Fab Finance has provided great information and applicable ways for me to tackle my debt and being a part of the group allowed me to see that I was not alone."

K. Harris

"Thank you for helping me take charge of my finances; thank you for helping me feel confident about myself; thank you for helping me start on a path where I finally felt like I was moving forward. To anyone who needs help like I did, I'll tell them to come to My Fab Finance."

E. Tessier

"I cannot express how blessed and happy I feel for having been made aware of Tonya and My Fab Finance. In only a week, you all have brought more actionable real-time value to me life than the thousands of personal finance articles I have been reading over the past few months."

A. Mendez


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Yes, you can join from anywhere in the world.

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Access to our exclusive community that is intentionally designed to help you reach your financial goals.

Who is this community for?

This is a safe space for women and those who identify as women.

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